The Happy Thursday Ride is a weekly community bicycle ride around Sandusky, Ohio. We ride at a slow pace and wish everyone we see a "Happy Thursday!" Riders meet every Thursday at the Sandusky Bay Pavilion. The ride takes off between 7:30 & 8:00 pm and rolls through various neighborhoods, parks and rest stops. Participants bring favors, friends and refreshments to enjoy along the way and celebrate weekly themes. 

Ride by 
the Rules

Bring a light for your bike and NO open containers.

The Ride Promise
To have fun and to be nice to everyone...
To ring thy bell, to wish everyone well...
To sing, to dance, to make merry,
To not bring more than I can carry...
To leave no trace, to Cruise and not to race...
To ride in control and not be a troll...
To stay to the right and to ride with a light...

And of course to say... "Have a Happy Thursday!"

Courtesy of Boulder Cruiser Ride 

June 28th
Be loud 

Light up the night. Dress in all the colors of the rainbow. But, by goodness, bring a bell. 

the Theme

Inspire yourself and others by adhering to the weekly theme if you'd like. Adorn your body, bike and/or others as we explore different forms of being. 

June - Joy

July - Drama

August - Hot Stuff

September - Chchchanges

Suggestions welcome. See below for weekly details...

July 4th 
Freedom & Fireworks

We'll end at Washington Pier around 10 pm for one of the best fire shows in the world.